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best camping lightAt Wildgetaway.com we are always looking for reader contributions. After all it is you guys that are out there in every corner of the world on epic camping adventures. This is what we love to read about.

Why not join in the conversation and tell everybody about it. It can be about where you stayed, what you stayed in, the gear you used or even what you ate when you were there.

The options are endless but nobody else can learn from your experiences unless you tell the story.

  • Have you a go to knife you must have with you when you head out camping.
  • Do you not leave home without your perfect tent
  • Is there a particular cooking stove you always bring along no matter where you go.

These are just ideas and the choice is yours with whatever you want to write about.

We can’t guarantee that we will post you content but if it is suitable for our audience – family orientated and of a quality and value that we feel will benefit our readers then you are in with a good chance to get it featured here and we will actively promote it out to everybody we know. We only ask a few things form you with regards to the content. Make sure it is unique – don’t copy it from anywhere else and write it in a conversational style – like as if you were telling a friend.

We are just giving you a chance to tell your story and help others in the camping community out with some of your tips. It couldn’t be easier to send through your info either. The simple form below should do the trick.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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 Note: We may edit some of the content we get in if we feel that we can make it more valuable to our readers. If you send in tips and tricks we may combine these with our tips and indeed other tips we get through to build out an epic list of camping tips and tricks that all our readers can enjoy. We will own all the rights to any content that is sent through to us that ends up on the website so don’t send anything through if you don’t want it to appear on the website and want us to own it. We reserve the right to only post content that we feel is suitable to our website and remember that once you send it in you are handing over any ownership rights to us.

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