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M-Tech USA Stainless Axe

The M tech hatchet is a nice sharp out of the box camping axe. Reasonably priced and has a stainless steel single piece design.

Durable and gets the job done. Lightweight so great for in your pack or on a hiking trip into the woods.

The M-Tech USA is a great light axe fit for any camping or bushcraft needs. Fine in the hands of a survivalist as well.

The single piece steel construction gives you a sturdy feel and its razor sharp blade cuts through whatever you put in front of it.

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M-tech USA Stainless Axe

4.2 out of 5 stars
 (92 Reviews)


Verdict: Nice tidy well priced axe but may feel light in some hands. We actually liked it because you wouldn’t even notice it in the pack.

The sheath is not brilliant but does the job.


440 Stainless Steel single piece construction
Compact and Portable Size
Nylon Sheath included
11 Inch Overall Length
Durable rubber handle


Lightweight and razor sharp straight out of the package. Single piece construction gives you a feeling of reliability when its in your hand.

Can take a bit of a beating and holds its edge well.


The sheath lets this down a bit. Nothing to write home about and you may be best to get another one if you want to hang this on your belt for a long trip.

It is light in the hand and while thats helpful to keep the weight of your pack down it does mean a bit of extra effort required to get a big job done.

4.2 out of 5 stars

The m tech hatchet is light and razor sharp. Worth the small money you pay for it. Handy on a trip into the woods as it fits nicely into your pack without the additional weight.

m tech hatchet
m tech hatchet