coleman green valley sleeping bag

Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag

If you, like me are not a big fan of the cold then you need to get yourself a Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag. This beauty will keep you warm even if it is only 30⁰ F outside.

The bag is made from cotton and polyester and has a built in Thermolock System to stop heat escaping through the zipper which will provide you with endless warm nights of comfortable sleep. The bag filling is locked in place so will not ‘wander’ around as you sleep. This helps keep you warm and avoid cold spots in the sleeping bag and is one of the more comfortable sleeping bags and the best cool weather sleeping bag on the market.

This bag is designed more for smaller adults and kids due to it’s size. If you are above 5,11 then you may want to look for an alternative coleman adult sleeping bag. If you are on the hunt for kids sleeping bags then go for it.

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Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag

coleman green valley sleeping bag

4.3 out of 5 stars
 (473 Reviews)


Verdict: If you are looking for a sleeping bag for use in cold weather then the Coleman Bag is just the job. It has many quality features to make your sleep more enjoyable, keep you warm and give you a comfortable nights sleep



100% Polyester with 100% Cotton Filling
The Thermolock System reduces heat loss through the zip
Suited for temperatures 30 F to 50 F
Dimensions: 33 x 75in and suits most heights up to 5ft. 11in
The Fiberlock Construction prevents insulation from shifting helping to extend the life of your sleeping bag
Patented zipper avoids nasty snags when you need to avoid them


Overall it is hard to fault the Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag. If you are worried about camping in low temperatures then this will save the day.

Comfortable and packed full of handy features such as the anti-snag zipper and the snug lining, plus the fact that its a Coleman you know you are getting top grade quality.

It even comes complete with a handy pouch in the hood to store your flashlight. Great for those late night trips to the bathroom…


Not a lot to mention here. On reader did say that the inside of the bag was a bit course, but also noted that its because it was brand new and that it would soften up after a few uses.

4.5 out of 5 stars

What more is there to say about this sleeping bag. Great price for a great product. Head out on your next camping trip knowing that you are going to curl up in a nice warm sleeping bag and sleep soundly all night long.

coleman green valley sleeping bag

If you have gone out and purchased one of these Coleman sleeping bags then let us know in the comments below how you got on. Would you recommend it to our readers and how would you rate it overall.

Feedback is very important to us and its you guys and gals that make all the difference.We hope you enjoyed our review of the Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag and wish you well in your quest to find the perfect bag for your next trip.