camping with petsCamping with Pets – The only things you actually need to bring.

The next time you are thinking of heading away camping with pets make sure you pack the right equipment for your furry friend. I have seen so many different lists and pages upon pages of information on what to pack for you pet when you go camping that it is easy to see why people get so confused.

The reality is each pet and their relationship with their owner is different. You might have a family friendly dog that lives by your side all day every day, and that will need different equipment and care compared to a hunting or tracking dog.

Does you dog sleep at the end of your kids bed every night, will they end up in the tent with you when you turn in, or will they have their own dog tent and doggy sleeping bag. Do they like to sleep under the stars and keep watch over your campsite while everybody is asleep.

These things will govern what you need to bring on your next camping trip. We cover off on the basics here because our dogs are basically part of the family. They sleep wherever they want, eat when we do and are free to wander around once the campsite is safe and animal friendly.

A couple of things we always watch out for when we go looking for a camp site for where we are bringing the dogs along is – is it a safe environment for the dogs in the first place, are there likely to be any other dogs there and what rules and regulations do we need to be mindful of when we setup camp. Are there other wild animals or livestock nearby that may cause issues.

Take all of these things into consideration before you leave the house. Pack only what you need and bring along one of their favorite chew toys to keep them entertained while you are relaxing – they get bored too you know.