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Top tips for camping with your dog

Camping is one of the best ways to get a break from the daily city life, packed schedules and the hustle and bustle of modern life.

It is a great way to unwind and spend a few days away from home, bond with your family and have some fun.

But in order to make the most of your camping experience, you must choose the right companion to go with you.

For many, this right companion may be their pet dog. Having your dog with you camping is a very rewarding experience. Dogs are low maintenance, good company, easy to please and pretty quiet as compared to humans.

They will keep you entertained and can truly make your trip one to remember for a lifetime. But for those who have never gone on a camping trip with a dog, some of our tips and suggestions could prove useful.

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Best gadgets and tools to bring when camping with your dog.

In order to make your trip comfortable while camping with a dog, there are a few things you will need to bring along with you.

The following is a list of a few essential ones:

Leash and collar

retractable leashYou will need to carry a strong leash and collar which will help you hold your dog if he decides to lunge onto something or go for an unplanned run.

There are lots of things that will excite your furry friend when you hit the woods or trails so make sure you can keep them under control. 

On any camping trip, it is a good idea to keep the dog on a leash when not under your direct supervision to avoid him wandering off into the woods.

Pick yourself up one of these retractible leads for walking.

You give your dog room to move but you stay in control.

Dog carrier/crate

Another essential items to take with you when camping with your dog is a dog carrier or crate.  Dogs have a habit of getting themselves into mischief in the car and creating havoc while you are headed to the camping site. Its an exciting time for all involved and your dog is no different.

Mine tends to sit looking out the window with his tongue dangling in the wind and licks my ear the odd time while I’m driving but if you have a dog that does not travel well then you may want to use a crate or harness will help you keep the dog safe and give you a smooth ride.

Dog Night Light

Here is a superb option to help keep a watch on your dog when it gets dark on the camping site. These handy lights let you find your dog when it gets dark. They even give off enough light so he can see whats n front of him when walking about. These can be attached to the dog’s collar in the evening if you are out walking.

Not sure if you have ever had to go searching in the woods for an ‘escaped’ dog before but these are a great idea and let you find moggy before he does too much damage..

Remember to take them off again when you settle in for the night. Your dog will be tied up, or in my case curled up in a ball right in the middle of our tent so no need for them.

First aid kit.

Accidents do happen and caring for your pet should be treated in the same manner as caring for anybody when you are camping. Besides packing a first aid kit for yourself, you must also get one for your dog.

There are a few items in this Pet First Aid Kit which can help your dog if it hurts himself or has an upset stomach on the camping trip. 

dog camping tipsSafety and Precaution tips:

It is important to take precautions to ensure the safety of your dog on a camping trip.  It is important to check your dogs health before heading out and prepare him well before visiting the camping site. The following are a few of the most important safety and precaution tips for your dog:

Before going camping, take your dog to the vet and get a health checkup. Ensure that all vaccinations are up to date and the dog is fit to travel.

You must try and keep the stress levels of your dog as low as possible before and during the camping trip to ensure that both you and him have a good time out in the wild. If you have a god like our he/she won’t be stressed anyway but will go bananas when he finds out he is going camping. How do you say yee-haa in dog language…

Your dog must be well hydrated during the trip and for this; you must ensure that he has a well shaded rest area for nap time. If the dog appears dehydrated or exhausted, then make sure he gets a lot of water and rest.

Carry dog blankets with you while heading out for the camp to ensure that he remains warm during the night as temperatures tend to drop on several camping sites. You are snuggled up in a sleeping bag but your dog may get cold unless you look after him.

Check out where the nearest vet to the campsite is before you go camping to ensure that your dog can get quick attention if anything goes wrong. You should know the exact location and route to the vet clinic. When injured time is critical as to the outcome.

Other important tips for camping with your dog

The following is a list of some of the other effective tips for camping with your dog:

About Poop: It is important not to litter the camping site and to avoid doing so; you must carry poop bags with you. There is nothing worse than walking along a trail and planting your nice hiking boot into the leftovers of doggy dinner.

When at camp you will have the dog tethered to a tree so the potential mess area is small and easy to maintain, but when you hit the trails keep an eye on you r dog and please make sure to clean up after him.

Trail etiquette: It’s true that you love your dog but you can’t expect everyone else to do so as well. Make sure that while you are hiking or are on a trail, you make way for others rather than letting your dog keep others from having a smooth trail. You must know how to control the dog and should have him on a leash while on a trail.

Training: It is very crucial that your dog is well trained and well behaved before you take him out on a camping trip with you. For this, you must train him in advance by teaching him when to sit, when to fetch, when to get up etc. Dogs need to be trained to behave well and be in control when outdoors and all of this has to be started much before the trip.

Aggressive: Remember that if your dog is an aggressive breed or showcases aggressive behaviour outdoors, then it is better to leave him home rather than take him out on the camping trip. Most camping sites have many visitors and your aggressive dog will not be welcome.

For barkers: If you have dog that loves the sound of his own voice, one who has a loud bark, then it is important to teach him how to stop on command. The loud barking sound will drive all the others on the camp crazy and hence it is crucial that you know how to stop him quickly. They will bank a lot when out camping – there is so much excitement and they will be loving it. Thats fine, but at night time nobody likes constant barking, although it does help to drown out my snoring a bit..

Wanderers: If you have a dog that loves to wander off on little unplanned adventures then its best to keep them on a long leash while at camp. When walking you can use one of these retractable leads to give them some freedom but yet keep you in control

If you follow these tips while taking a dog on your next camping trip, then you both will surely have a great time out in the wilderness.

What are your tips for bringing the dog camping or hiking. These work for me but we are always happy to get tips form our readers. Leave a comment below to help others out.

Cheers and Happy Camping.

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