camping infographic


Camping is one of the best ways to reconnect with nature and your family, and has the opportunity to provide some of the best memories of your life. There is something unique and special about waking up before sunrise, walking quietly and calmly to the corner of a lake — or heading into the middle of that lake with a boat — and fishing as the sun rises in the distance.

Whether you’re a highly experienced camper, or you’re looking to make family camping a new tradition for you and your children, it’s important that you know what you’re doing before heading out into the wilderness.

animated camping infographics

pitching a dome tent

A great animated image showing you the best way to set up your dome tent.

lighting a camp fire

A great animated image showing you the best way to light a camp fire.

fishing tips and techniques

A great animated image showing you to to catch a fish when out camping.

An animated infographic by Personal Creations helps ensure that you don’t forget anything you might need on your camping trip, with a list of 20 essentialcamping items.

The infographic also provides simple instructions on how to pitch a tent, get a fire started, and cast a fishing line. You can share this infographic with your kids (or significant other) before leaving for your trip, so everyone is familiar with what to expect once you are all out enjoying nature.

If you do go camping and make use of the animated infographics, make sure to tell us about your trip!