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The Best Bushcraft Videos

There are literally hundreds of great Bushcraft videos online so we decided to showcase our favourites. Below you will find the best bushcraft videos online – see featured videos from the likes of Ray Mears, MCQBushraft (one of our favorites) and many more.

Hope you like the collection!

Our Top Bushcraft Video

First up on our list is a video from MCQBushcraft – a seasoned bushman from the UK, Michael has produced some of the best instructional Bushcraft Videos we have ever seen.


He is very easy to listen to and his tips and guidance alone are a great reason to watch his videos.


This particular video is one of our favourites. Michael heads off into the woods on a five day solo hunting and bushcraft adventure.

You can check out his Youtube Chanel here. Plenty of great tips and instructional videos on how to build a bushcraft camp, how to look after your bushcraft gear and how to find food in the wild.

Wild Food Bushcraft Video

Next up on our list is Ray Mears. Considered to be one of the best Buscrafters around Ray has produced plenty of exception videos.


Our favourite is the WIld Food series where he and Professor Gordon Hillman of University Colledge London travel around the world and demonstrate how our ancestors hunted and gather food for survival.

This is a great video series, all of the videos have found their way online and are well worth checking out.


They cover how people used to – and still catch and cook wild food, how to gather and identify wild edibles and how people of time long forgotten survived before we had pre-packaged food.

Living Off The Jungle Bushcraft Video

Next we wanted to show you a video from the guys at Sigma 3 Survival School. These guys are hardcore Bushcraft & Survival experts and get stuck in when it comes to showing you how its done.


They cover off on everything you would need in a survival situation as well as detailed instructions for the Bushcrafter in you. How to find, catch and prepare food in the wild. How to build traps and snares, fishing hooks and basket traps – all from materials found in the Bush.

You can check out their Youtube Chanel here thats loaded with great tips and hacks for Bushcraft survival

How To Make A Bushcraft Knife Video

Buying gear for Bushcraft and Survival can get quite expensive if you go for all the shiny toys so we though it would be a great addition to this list if we showed you a video on how to make a Bushcraft knife.


Michael is a fantastic bushcraft knife maker from Poland who has a collection of videos on his channel that show you how its done.


One thing we love about these videos is that Trollsky uses mostly old steel from recycled saw blades and files, wrenches to make his knives – no shiny bar stock to be seen anywhere here..


Check them out he is a true craftsman.

You can check out his Youtube Chanel here. In this particular video Michael show how to make a Bushcraft knife and Axe set from old steel – complete with homemade handles.

Bushcraft Hunting & Gear Review Videos

A great channel for bushcraft and hunting tips is run by Survival Lilly. Lilly, from Austria has an awesome collection of Survival and Bushcraft videos over on her Youtube channel.


She covers everything from how to make a Bushcraft shelter and field dress a duck, to hunting wild game and plenty of survival tips thrown in as well.

You can check out her Youtube Chanel here. She goes into great detail on how to survive with just the basics. Definitely one to watch for the future.

Your Thoughts

Have you a favourite Youtube video channel you go to for Bushcraft Videos?


This list was never meant to be huge or cover everybody. Its just people we follow and get great value rom their content. Bushcraft is about learning to survive and live off the land with whatever tools you have to hand and we are still learning every day.


If you have a have a go to channel please share in the comments below and we may update this list in the future. Also if you got value from this post please hit one of the share buttons as this will help others to see it as well.


If you have any videos you shot yourself when out in the Bush feel free to send us the link – you never know it may end up on this page as well.