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Stansport Outdoor 277 9 Cup Aluminum Camper-Feets Percolator Coffee Pot
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Thrunite TN36 UT 3700 LED Flashlight
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estwing survival axe
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camping cot reviews

Camping Cot Reviews 2017 | The Perfect Nights Sleep

A lot of camp sites hire professional photographers to pretty things up a bit and make everything look awesome, comfortable and flat. Experience tells us this this is very often not the case so we like to pack our trusty camp cots just in case. A great picture can show a nice flat campsite that looks like the ground is made of fluffy pillows, but the reality is it’s probably full of rocks and tree roots jutting about all over the place. No matter what you do one of these will ‘migrate’ into the small of you back while you are asleep.
best 18650 flashlight

18650 Flashlight. What Is The Best for 2016

  UPDATED March 2017: On our hunt for the best 18650 flashlight for our EDC, camping trips and survival packs we will always look for quality. Why do you need a quality flashlight and in this instance, what should you even…
Stansport Outdoor 277 9 Cup Aluminum Camper-Feets Percolator Coffee Pot
bushcraft survival tips and tricks

Items that disappear when the shtf | the best alternatives

Items that disappear when the shtf and our alternatives When it all starts to go wrong one thing is for certain, people will panic, hit the stores, and buy up everything in sight. Wait long enough and every shelf in the country will…

Best Lightweight Gaiters | Hiking, trail running

The Best Lightweight Gaiters | Perfect for hiking, trail running and hill walking Today we are looking at gaiters, specifically lightweight gaiters. These simple, yet effective additions to you kit are a must for the serious hiker, trail…
use a tarp for camping

A Frame Tarp Shelter Setup And Tips

Something we always have in the pack is a good tarp shelter. Lightweight and versatile an a frame tarp shelter will save you if you get caught out on a hike and the weather turns for the worse or you are on an overnighter and want something…
Thrunite TN36 UT 3700 LED Flashlight

The Brightest LED Flashlights Of 2017

The Brightest LED Flashlights Of 2017   We all need a bright flashlight. But sometimes you need a bit more.   By more I mean an ultra bright flashlight that pretty much turns night into day.   Frighten off predators or…
flint and steel

Flint and Steel Fire Making

Best Flint And Steel Kits Since we humans first mastered the art of fire making, there have been many advances and changes to the most commonly used methods.   Over time the average member of society has gone from relying on friction-based…
bushcraft videos

Best Bushcraft Videos

The Best Bushcraft Videos There are literally hundreds of great Bushcraft videos online so we decided to showcase our favourites. Below you will find the best bushcraft videos online - see featured videos from the likes of Ray Mears, MCQBushraft…

Wenzel Alpine Tent - 3 Person

Lets take a look at the awesome Wenzel Alpine Tent. Weatherproof and easy to setup, this tent hits the mark every time. Plenty of room inside for three people and additional areas for you gear. Definitely a tent you should consider for your…

Best Backpacking Tent

Best Backpacking Tent There are a lot of places throughout the world that are ideal places to camp. However, some of those places are not easy to drive to. For instance, you may want to camp deep in the woods, at the base of a mountain, or…

Best Family Tent

Best Family Tent One of the best things about spending time with family is when you are able to take vacations and make memories that can last a lifetime. The reality is that vacations can get expensive, so considering all your options is a…

Best Ultra Light Tent

Best Ultra Light Tent Going camping is a no brainer if you are someone that likes nature and being outdoors. There are many different places that you can camp, like designated campgrounds, national parks, and more. However, some of these places…

Coleman Instant Tent Review

Coleman Instant Tent Review If you are a fan of camping, you have probably heard the name Coleman. They are one of the biggest names in camping equipment and accessories and have been offering quality items for over 50 years. These items include…
the kurgo wander dog bed
camping infographic

Animated Camping Series

CAMPING INFOGRAPHICS Camping is one of the best ways to reconnect with nature and your family, and has the opportunity to provide some of the best memories of your life. There is something unique and special about waking up before sunrise,…
coleman green valley sleeping bag

Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag Review

Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag If you, like me are not a big fan of the cold then you need to get yourself a Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag. This beauty will keep you warm even if it is only 30⁰ F outside. The bag is made from…
Titan Military 550 Paracord
estwing survival axe

Best Survival Axe | Which one is in your Pack?

The best survival axe for your pack Whether its a bushcraft hatchet or a survival axe you are after there is one thing thats certain, you need quality. Why? Simply because your axe gets a serious work over every time you take it out of your…
yes4all multi functional axe
mtech Axe


M-Tech USA Stainless Axe The M tech hatchet is a nice sharp out of the box camping axe. Reasonably priced and has a stainless steel single piece design. Durable and gets the job done. Lightweight so great for in your pack or on a hiking…
coleman steel camp axe
estwing survival axe
beginners preppers guide

Survival In A Suit | A Businessman's Guide to Survival

Survival In A Suit | A Businessman's Guide to Survival A while ago I had an idea and well it has ended up in a series of posts, the first of which is below. I wanted to provide a guide to modern survival for business people. I am far from an…
camping jacket for women

What to Pack on a Day Hike - Hiking 101

What to Pack on a Day Hike - Hiking 101 It’s your first time and you’re beginning to panic. You have no idea what to do, what to bring or what to wear. You’ve heard it hurts and that it isn’t easy, so what do you need to take on…
dog camping tips

Camping with a Dog

Top tips for camping with your dog Camping is one of the best ways to get a break from the daily city life, packed schedules and the hustle and bustle of modern life. It is a great way to unwind and spend a few days away from home, bond…
best fire starters

The Five Best Fire Starters for the Modern Caveman

Best Fire Starter for the Modern Caveman Since the dawn of time man has relied on fire for warmth and cooking. Nothing has changed in the millennia that have passed. We still used it in some shape or form to survive on a daily basis. Sure there…
paracord bracelet

Blizetec Rescue Survival Knife

Blizetec Rescue Survival Knife The Blizetec Rescue is one of the best multi purpose knives on the market. Its 3.5" blade is razor sharp out of the box and has both a serrated and straight edge section. Perfect for cutting through sticks for…
benchmade bushcrafter review

Benchmade Bushcrafter Knife

Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter Knife The 162 takes and keeps an excellent edge. The S30V blade is strong and up to any task. Handy for baton work and all bushcraft chores, but not too shabby at some of the finer work if needed. Great solid and…
condor tool and knife review

Condor Tool and Knife Bushlore

Condor Tool and Knife Bushlore At 9 1/4" the Condor Bushlore is a lot of knife for the money. This updated version is a marked improvement on the original and to be fair to Condor they took on board all of the original complaints and came up…
Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife
mora black bushcraft knife
bushcraft knife spyderco g10

Tarp Shelters For Family Camping

Tarp Shelters for camping In this post, we address the most versatile item of kit on the campsite: The tarp. The tarp is waterproof, opaque, and handy for absolutely everything. Need a sun-shade over the lunch table? Use a tarp. Pitched…
fixed blade mora

Mora Companion Fixed Blade Stainless Knife

Mora Companion Fixed Blade Stainless Knife The stainless steel Mora Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife is one of our favourite knives of all time. It is no heavy duty war horse of a knife but a great companion when you are out in the wild.…
bushcraft knife review
ka bar companion knife


KABAR BECKER BK2 CAMPANION REVIEW The  by Becker is an awesome knife. It is a knife that is right at home in the pocket of a bushman, a hunter or somebody just out on a weekend camping trip in the woods. This knife features a 1095 cro-van…
bear grylls survival hatchet

Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet Review And Opinions

Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet Sometimes we come across a product that really catches our eye. The Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet from Gerber is one of those products. Now you might think that having an axe out camping for the weekend is…
kids daypack for camping

Kids Backpacks for camping

Kids Backpacks for Camping The great outdoors awaits. Getting outside with the kids is one of parenting’s great pleasures. Showing the kids your favourite trails, discovering new paths and parts of the world unknown. Getting away from…
quad lantern coleman

Tent Lighting Rated and Reviewed

Tent Lighting Rated and Reviewed When I was young and camping with my parents there was no such things as proper tent lighting to be honest. We did have an old lantern style thing that had two batteries the size of a house, that would last…
hiking stick with LED

Hiking Sticks | The Good the bad and the Ugly

// Hiking Sticks - what, why and how to use them. Hiking staff, trekking poles, walking sticks. All have different uses, but serve a similar purpose. All add stability to your step and reduce strain on your knees. All hiking assists have…
what to pack camping checklist

Packing For The Family Camping Trip

Camping with the family is a time-honoured tradition. Getting away from the city recharges batteries, bonds the family together and creates memories that simply can’t be recreated elsewhere. The key to any successful camping trip is preparation.…
how to camp with your kids

Top Ten Tips For Camping With Kids

Camping with kids can be a challenge. More tents, more space, more sleeping bags, more food, all your favourite recipes now need to be doubled and more time will be spent looking after them than normal. It can also be the most rewarding experience…
camping with family

Camping with the family

Camping with the family Is the anything more enjoyable than bringing your family on a nice camping trip. The great outdoors, adventure, wandering through the forest on a sunny afternoon or just sitting by the campfire at night singing songs…
Bear Grylls Gerber Camping Knife

Best Bushcraft & Camping Knives

The Best Bushcraft And Camping Knives A good bushcraft knife is a critical piece of kit for every avid camper and even the weekend warrior.  I don't know whether it is because of the multitude of uses it has or because we can revert to cavemen…
washing hands camping

7 Things To Bring Camping For The Family

7 Things To Bring Camping For The Family I like to look on camping as the art of blending in with nature, use all that is available to me on the land and leave nothing behind. It is my chance to leave the gadgets and technology behind and go…
Hubba Hubba MSR Tent