Bear Grylls Gerber Camping Knife

The Best Bushcraft And Camping Knives

A good bushcraft knife is a critical piece of kit for every avid camper and even the weekend warrior.  I don’t know whether it is because of the multitude of uses it has or because we can revert to cavemen when we have a good knife in our hands.  Either way no camping trip itinerary is complete without one.

Now I’m not going to be covering commando style huge knives in this post, more the tame utility style functional ones that are somewhat safer in the hands of normal Joe’s like myself.  Always remember safety first when there are kids with you so don’t leave it lying around where small hands can get hold of it.

Leatherman Wingman Multi Tool

My Leatherman – Great Camping Knife.

First up on my list is the trusty Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool.  While not your typical camping or bushcraft knife it still has a place in my bag wherever I go purely because it can do almost every small job I need it to.

I have had one version or another of these for years and they have never failed me.  I have lost a few and thats the only reason I have ever needed to buy another one.

While there are many variations in the range of Leatherman knives I find this one the best value for a camping expedition or just using around the house for small everyday tasks.  I suppose thats the advantage of a knife like this. It has multiple uses so won’t stay locked away for only camping trips.

All in all a great intro or general purpose camping knife you should have with you on each trip.

Born To Survive In The Wild – I Wish

Next we want to look at something a bit more specialised for camping and bushcraft trips. I really love the Gerber brand and they have produced a series of knives linking up with Bear Grylls.  Now I know we all like to think we are extreme survivalists when we go camping but for the majority of us your knife will be used for cutting ropes, bushes and whittling up the odd tent peg if you run short.  While I have no doubt that this knife could be used in extreme survival scenarios I will be most likely using it for some of the things mentioned above and maybe cutting into a block of cheese to look cool in front of the kids – caveman style.

camping knife guideThis knife in particular comes highly recommended and at a great price point too.  You can pick it up on here for a bargain.  Last time I looked it had over 50% off list price with free shipping so definitely worth checking out.

Its nice and compact and folds up to fit in your pocket so you can carry it around with you all the time without looking like a commando.  One feature I really like is the grip.  Nice contours so you can keep a good hold of it when hacking away at something that well, needs to be hacked away.

My final though on this knife.  A great all rounder and at this price its something you should definitely consider for you next camping trip or venture out into the wild.

BlizeTec Rescue Knife – Now We’re Talking

The next knife we want to look at is so much more than just a knife.  The BlizeTec Rescue Survival Knife is a 5-in-1 tactical companion.  This knife comes with a nice little extras that are perfect for many camping and even emergency occasions. See our full review here

BlizeTec Survival KnifeFirst up it has a built in LED light. This feature in itself is great because if like me when camping you always carry your knife with you then you also now have a light at all times too.  Great feature if you are wandering back to the camp late and nightfall catches up on you before you reach your destination.

Another great feature is the built in Fire Starter made from magnesium Alloy. When out camping or in the wild you never want to be in a position where you cannot keep warm. You might be out on a ramble, misjudge the time and get caught away from your camp when it gets dark. If you can’t find you way back with the LED flashlight then you might have to hold up for the night in some temporary ‘accommodation’. A good fire starter is a must when in the wild and the one included in this survival knife setup is perfect for the job.

The blade itself is razor sharp and made from high grade materials so will always hold an edge. The knife while extremely functional is not too big either and will fold up and fit into your pocket so you can bring it along with you and not have it sticking out looking like some sort of commando.

There are other features on this knife that are ideal in an emergency situation so I suggest you check it out. As a camping knife you can’t go wrong and it offers so much more.

 So there you have it. Three great knives of varying styles that would be perfect for any camping or bushcraft adventure. There are hundreds to choose from and we could write about them all day. The focus here was to give you a flavour of what is available and why you might pick a certain type of camping knife. The is not an extreme survival knife review more of a great camping companion knife review.

If you have a preferred knife you won’t go camping without then let us which one and why. The more information we can get on here the better for our readers.

Knife Safety When Camping

Remember: Always take extra care when bringing a knife on a camping trip. Small hands and adventurous kids should not be allowed to handle these unless supervised and in a safe environment. Safety first at all times folks.

Keep you knife with you in your pocket when out and about camping. You never know when you might need it. Oh and if you see a wild animal approaching don’t go waving your knife around – it’s probably best to run, very fast in the other direction.

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